Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You will get Pew’d ...

I have the reputation within PRIUM, customers, business partners and even family as someone who likes to talk.  But it’s not idle chatter (I am not a big fan of small talk).  Instead, it is a passionate and detail-filled screed, like drinking from a firehose.  I try to always ensure my dialogue is fact based, although I’m not hesitant to throw in my opinion as I feel appropriate.  I try to be well informed, whether it’s about business or sports or politics.  I am an IT (aka “geek”) guy by training, so my personal logic and analysis and objectivity are as important to me when assessing a circumstance as any external inputs.  I am a strange combination – a logical analyst who actually can relate and relay ideas to people on a personal level – almost a combination of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk (or maybe just Mr. Spock when his human side takes precedence).
So when I get going, my colleagues have turned my name into a verb … getting Pew’d … where my opinion formed by analysis comes at a passionate pace.  They say it’s a compliment.
And that’s what I look forward to doing along with Michael on this blog.  If you read my bio on our website it might look like I’ve been working for 50 years instead of just being that old.  I have been engaged with PRIUM since 1989 but the first decade was as a consultant concurrent with my IT management role at Equifax and then ChoicePoint.  In the past 20 years I have been involved with every PRIUM product and outcomes report and marketing document and software development initiative.  And during that time I’ve visited with hundreds, nay thousands, of healthcare and insurance professionals about their approaches to issues.  I covet data, which yields analysis, which yields options, which yields trial-and-error, which ultimately yields a solution.  Whether it’s creating a software application from scribbles on a whiteboard, or creating a product on-the-fly after hearing a customer’s concern, or managing the startup of an offshore operation in India and Panama, I thrive on taking the germ of an idea and nurturing it until a mature solution is produced.
My goal in this blog is to connect the dots from my perspective, and for my connected dots to spark interest and dialogue about the subject so that we can collectively find solutions that might not have been understood before.  So put on your seatbelts … You are about to be Pew’d!
In this together –Mark Pew

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