Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thanks to LexisNexis

PRIUM's Evidence Based blog has been named a LexisNexis Top 25 Blog for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues for 2012.  We're grateful to LexisNexis for the honor and humbled to be in such good company.  I've had the opportunity to not only read the content generated by the other honorees on a daily or weekly basis, but also to interact and collaborate with many of them.  I like the feeling I'm often left with... that we're pulling in the same direction.   

Writing about important health care and public policy issues is energizing.  Writing about issues I care about is a blessing.  Getting to do both simultaneously is pure joy. 

We're just getting started.  Plenty of battles left to fight.  If a simple but thoughtful blog post can inform an important debate, change a single mind, or influence even one decision maker... then that post was worth writing. 

Thanks for reading.

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