Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Zohydro: Let the Lawsuits Begin

Zohydro is here.  The first and only analgesic with hydrocodone as the sole active ingredient, comes to us in non-tamper resistant formulation.  As expected, the debate has been heated.  What may not have been expected are the moves some state leaders are making in attempts to preempt the drug's potentially negative impact. 

A couple of weeks ago, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick took a particularly bold step when he declared a public health emergency and, among other things, prohibited the sale of Zohydro within the state. 

Zogenix, maker of Zoyhdro, is now suing the Governor to block the ban. 

FYI... Zogenix stock is up 62% from this time last year, though down significantly from its high in late February (when it was up 210% from April 2013... before the public health community, state and federal politicians, and right-minded doctors starting pushing back.  Since hitting its high of $4.93 on February 25, the stock is down 47% at $2.60 as of this afternoon). 

So who wins?  A well-intentioned governor trying to protect the citizens of his state?  Or the pharma company with a new drug that has FDA approval?

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  1. At last month's Workers' Compensation Research Institute's annual conference in Boston, former State Representative and now President of the Massachusetts Chapter of the AFLCIO, Steve Tolman, gave an impassioned speech about the state's opiod prescription horrors. He paid particular focus to Zohydro and what he believes will be its inevitable consequences to public health. He was riveting.

  2. Our case managers have been alerted to this drug and its potential dangers. They will be collaborating with the treating physicians and sharing their concerns if it is prescribed.

  3. The staff at S&H Medical Management have been alerted to the potential dangers of this drug and will be working collaboratively with any physician treating the injured worker they are working with that prescribes this drug.

  4. As an Occupational Health physician trained in pain management I agree this drug is perfect for abuse. Long term management of benign chronic pain with opiods is not recommended and does not help with chronic pain. Opiods should only be used if function is increasing. I agree with the Govenor and he is courageous for taking a stand.


    1. I completely agree with you, Sir. There has to be a regulation in the rampant use of opioid analgesics. I am also with the Governor on his stand.