Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why Aren't We Linking PDMPs and EHRs?

The development of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) nationwide is a necessary, albeit insufficient by itself, step in our fight against prescription drug misuse and abuse.  I've long advocated not just for mandatory reporting to PDMPs (which requires doctors and pharmacies to contribute data to the database) but also of mandatory use of the PDMP (by prescribing physicians prior to writing prescriptions for potentially dangerous medications).

Many physicians (and their associated lobbying groups) have pushed back on the notion of mandatory use of PDMPs based on three categories of objections:

First: "I don't get paid for this..."  Fair enough.  One could argue that a surgeon isn't explicitly paid to wash her hands prior to surgery and does so anyway because it's in the best interests of patient safety... though the reality is that our fee-for-service RVU-based system actually does pay the surgeon for that activity.  So I get this argument.  

Second: "The data isn't reliable... it's either not timely or not accurate..."  This is certainly an issue, though one that will resolve itself over time with proper funding and enforcement of reporting requirements.

Third: "The database access is inefficient, the technology isn't robust..."  Also an issue, but one that I think will resolve itself over time as critical mass develops around the need to exchange this data.

But what if we could fix all three issues in a single stroke of technological innovation?  

Ohio is doing just that.  Governor (and Republican presidential candidate) John Kasich is spending the necessary dollars (a whopping $1.5 million) to integrate Ohio's PDMP with the electronic health records systems of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.

This is genius.  

"The message to Ohioans, despite the fact that will still see a tsunami of drugs, is that we're not going to give up in this state until we win more and more battles, maybe ultimately the war," Kasich said at a news conference.

Why isn't every governor in the country working on this?  

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