Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attitude Matters: A Case Study

A couple of weeks ago, Bob Wilson at wrote a piece called "Breaking the Cylce of Entitlement."  Apparently, Bob caught a lot of flack from injured workers.  Bob claims they missed his point (and I agree).  He wrote a second piece in an attempt to clarify. 

Last week, I highlighted a study from German researchers suggesting that exercise could be a key to managing chronic pain without the need for prescription opioids.  I got feedback on that post similar to what Bob received on his original article.  Apparently, the phrase "Grab Your Running Shoes" offended people who don't feel they have the ability to do so. 

Two days ago, Bob posted this video.  After watching it, I realized we could have skipped all of the articles, the back and forth, the arguing, etc. and just asked people to watch this. 

Attitude matters.  Don't ever let anyone tell you how the rest of your life is going to play out.  Even if you've been injured.  Even if you're in pain.  Even if your own doctors are telling you it's not going to get better. 

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  1. Thanks Michael. Unfortunately it will take more than just showing the video, although I agree with you it should not. We are still seeing push back from some people. The cycle of entitlement, what Depaolo and Rousmaniere correctly call the "disability mindset" is firmly entrenched.

    Bottom line, some of those entrenched in the system are probably lost forever. The solution they want does not exist. Our challenge is to successfully change the mindset going forward, so that those entering today do not reach that point of dependency with no return.