Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pop Quiz in the WSJ: Get Rid of Painkillers

This morning's Wall Street Journal had an interesting article in the Personal Journal section called "The Medicine Cabinet Quiz."  (Yes... I am one of the last few that actually gets a paper delivered in my driveway each morning).  One of the questions, in particular, caught my attention:

Q: For a sore back or sprained ankle, which options make sense?
A) Heat
B) Ice
C) Heat rub
D) Prescription painkiller

The answer was obvious to most of us: A, B, and C (conspicuous in its absence was choice D).  The article explains: "While many people don't finish prescriptions for Percocet, Vicodin, or generic equivalents prescribed after surgery or dental work, it is a bad idea to take them for something else.  Leftover painkillers are an invitation for abuse - by yourself, by your children, or by nosy visitors.  Studies show that 68% of prescription drug abusers obtain them from home or from friends." 

If you've got leftover pills sitting around, get rid of them.  Today. 

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