Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drug Repackaging: WCRI and AHCS

From time to time, an important report is released that thoroughly covers a critical topic in our industry.  And sometimes, others provide such thorough analysis that I find it difficult to add to what's already been said.  Such is the case with WCRI's new report on physician dispensed repackaged drugs in work comp

David DePaolo's overview of the report is excellent and he provides a well balanced view of the controversy this report has sparked. 

Joe Paduda takes on the AHCS critique of the report.  His rebuttal is spot on and contains important insights for policy makers that will surely confront AHCS as the legislative/regulatory process evolves on a state by state basis to address this issue. 

Bottom line: The report is thorough, unbiased, data-driven, and eye-opening. The issue of physician dispensing of repackaged drugs is a major weak spot in many jurisdictions' work comp statutes and rules. A legislative/regulatory solution is needed and I think Connecticut's new rule provides an excellent template.

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