Thursday, July 26, 2012

Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing: Get to Know This Organization

As we wage the daily battle against the over-utilization of opioids in workers' compensation, it's important to recognize an increasingly important ally in the physician community: Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP)

Just this week, PROP led the way on a petition to the FDA to change the labels on opioid painkillers to prohibit their use for moderate pain, add a max daily dose, and only allow patients to take the drugs for 90 days unless they're being treated for cancer-related pain.  This is a bold petition and an even bolder request, but PROP is as serious about this issue as they are credible. 

PRIUM relies on the PROP web site for training materials, both for internal staff as well as our network of physician reviewers.  The videos on the site are absolutely phenomenal and they help us to orient new employees and our physician partners to the seriousness of the issue, the complexities of dealing with the issue, and the dedication required to ensure positive clinical outcomes. 

Dr. Andrew Kolodny is the President of PROP.  He is working tirelessly to bring awareness and solutions to one of the great healthcare crises of our generation.  He speaks at conferences, he engages with physician groups, he speaks to payers, and he writes editorials published in the NY Times.  His message is consistent, credible, and critical.  I've met Dr. Kolodny a few times (he even bailed me out when I was speaking at a conference and had technical issues trying to show a PROP video - he kindly stood up and delivered the message himself!).  His passion for the appropriate use of prescription narcotics is powerful. 

Get to know PROP.  They're helping us in the payer/employer community every day.  Let's find some ways we can help them.   

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  1. While this may sound like a good idea to the layman, how is this going to affect the population who suffer from a myriad of chronic pain disorders? The physician community needs to require more education for opioid prescribing physicians as well as accountability (heaven forbid we suggest accountability). You cannot have a one size fits all type of mentality when it comes to those who experience chronic pain.

  2. I believe PROP's mission is not inconsistent with ensuring that patients in legitimate chronic pain receive necessary therapy, including pharmacological therapy. I know for a fact (because I've heard him talk about it both privately and publicly) that Dr. Kolodny prescribes opioids to patients when he deems them medically necessary.

    And I'm in complete agreement on physician education. In fact, I believe continuing education for physicians on prescribing narcotics should be mandatory. Alas, the American Medical Association disagrees with that position. Physician accountability is key to mitigating the problem.

    Bottom line: Prescription drug misuse/abuse is national health emergency and a bona fide epidemic. We have to do something... and PROP is doing something.