Monday, July 30, 2012

Ohio Drug Formulary: Encouraging Results

A new prescription drug formulary in Ohio, along with several other measures, appears to have reduced the dosage of narotics for work comp injuries by 12% in a year-over-year comparison conducted by Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.  Costs were reduced by 15%, or $2.1 million.

Compare this to the early results from the Texas Closed Formulary - depending on the study you reference, the new rules have reduced initial opioid prescriptions for new injuries by anywhere from 50% to 67%.  And the rules don't apply to legacy claims until September of 2013. 

So, for those of you counting at home... that's two state-level formulary adoptions and two clearly favorable sets of early results. 

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  1. Did Ohio use ODG formulary as did Texas?

    1. No. Ohio developed its own formulary. OH BWC may have referenced the ODG heavily, but the formulary itself doesn't mention ODG (though it's also an Appendix A, just like the ODG formulary). Here's a link:

  2. Let's hope it what's next for Illinois after tackling physician dispensing...